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I know what it's like being an overweight child and teen because I was one.  It was a hard time in my life. 
But I'm here to tell you that you don't have to be overweight!  Weight Watchers can help!  It's not just for grown-ups!
Weight Watchers teaches you how to eat right and make good choices.  You don't have to eat carrots and salad all the time.  You can still go out with your friends and eat pizza, hamburgers, etc. 
If you are a teenager or younger and need some advice, email me! 
I'd also love to hear the story of your success!  By sharing your story you can help others like you!  Please send me your stories, (include "before" and "after" pictures if you can) and questions!  I will post as many success stories as I can.
You can realize your dreams!

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