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The "Wendy Plan" for Weight Loss Plateaus


Lately I have gotten quite a few emails from people asking me about the "Wendy Plan" for those who have hit a plateau.


I have found a "Wendie Plan" on the Internet, and I found it very interesting, however such a plan is not endorsed by Weight Watchers and may or may not work.  However, here are some suggestions for when you hit a plateau.


1.  Eat more, not less.  I like to explain it like this:  Our body is like a machine, always seeking to operate at its most efficient level.  It is constantly adjusting to maintain balance and keep us in top operating condition.  When we dont get enough to eat, our body slows down metabolism to conserve energy.  We actually burn fewer calories!  To counter this, we need to eat more!!  Two suggestions include: 

Eat at the top level of your points range all week.  Bank points from exercise to be used up on the last day of the week.

2.  Eat at the bottom or middle level of your points range all week.  Bank enough points to enjoy a splurge day at the end of the week. 


2.  Dont skip breakfast!  Our body speeds up its metabolism to break down food.  If you dont eat breakfast, your metabolism is on low until you do.  Even eating something light like a piece of fruit or toast will do wonders for your metabolism and energy levels. 


3.  Exercise in the morning.  Studies have shown that early morning exercise increases our metabolism all day long.   Also, even if you have only 10 minutes a day to exercise, you will reap tremendous benefits, including increased energy levels and feeling good about yourself.  So just do it!





"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again."