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SMART Menu Planning Edit

Here are just 3 of the many benefits of menu planning.
1.  Control- puts you in control of what you eat because you're always prepared.  No more "Grazing" or zombie eating.
2.  Time -It helps you to be prepared for times like getting home late from work and need to fix a meal fast.  It saves time because you don't have to go to the store a lot, or wait at a restaurant for your meal.
3.  Fun- incorporating new meals and recipes in your menus gives your tastesbuds something to look forward to.  It helps to keep your weight loss program fun! 

SMART Menu Planning System Edit

S even days- plan menus for all meals at least 7 days in advance
M ix- eat for your right mix (higher protein, higher carb, or balanced)
A adjustable- Menus should be adjustable and flexible to fit your lifestyle 
R ealistic- Plan for the unexpected, plan for eating out, plan for getting home late and needing to fix and eat something fast!   
T asty - Tempt your tastebuds with new foods, and recipes.  Treat yourself to your favorite foods.  With Winning Points and SMART menu planning, you can eat the foods you want! Edit